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Bringewood Aftermath / Refunds

What a Weekend!

Firstly a massive thankyou to everyone for their understanding at Bringewood. We think that every one of you understands the amount of effort that we put in trying to keep the race running. At the end of the day, you can deal with all the wet and mud in one way or another but when it comes to lightning, especially when in a forest, people’s lives are at risk by being on the hillside. The response and support from everyone has been fantastic and is much appreciated.

Who'd have thought that in the build up to the race we had to amend the middle section of the course because of the dry conditions making the course super high speed and people were struggling not to over jump the jumps.
The heavens then opened on the Friday before the race. After difficult conditions for Saturday's practice, we decided to start the race from the road crossing on race day, cutting out the top section which many riders were struggling to ride.
After a couple of stops to the proceedings where we had to get all the marshals and riders off the hill due to lightning. For the first time ever in over twenty years of us organising races have we had to implement safety measures for the marshals and timing staff to prepare for lightning strikes. Using our Land Rovers positioned at strategic points, we were able to scramble them to safety a couple of times. We eventually had to cancel the race runs part way through the senior category. This was the only option as the risk of lightning would put riders and staff’s lives at risk.

Rider categories in which every rider completed a race run, i.e. Juvenile, Youth, Grand Vets, Veterans, Masters, all Ladies and Juniors, the run will count and stand towards the overall standings. With 6 runs out of a possible 9 counting towards the series.

Riders who finished in a podium position will receive their medals and prizes at the next round at Rhyd y Felin. Those riders who are not at Rhyd y Felin will be send their prizes with the post.

Those rider categories in which every competitor didn’t get a run, i.e. Senior, Expert and Elite, will have 6 runs out of a possible 8 count towards the series.

The Senior, Expert and Elite riders who signed on and paid will be offered a refund to the value of £25. Please contact the shop on 01584 879288 with your card details to claim your refund.

Please contact us if you need any more information.