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Changing a tube

No tyre levers needed

Fixing a flat tyre with a fresh innertube out on the trails is easy, and with a little practise it can be done in around two minutes. Our veteran rider Steve Bennett shows how it’s done ‘race’ style.

Coming to a stop

The back tyre is going soft. If possible, as you come to a stop drop the chain to the bottom of the block, and on the middle ring. This will make rear wheel removal easier.

Drop the rear wheel out

Think! For your own safety, and the safety of others move off the trail. Now drop the wheel out of the bike.

Push the tyre off the bead.

Push the valve in to the rim, then keeping the valve nearest you work your way around pushing the trye into the rim well.

Remove the tyre.

With the tyre unseated it’s now easy to remove it by pulling it over the rim. No tyre levers needed.

Remove the old tube.

Remove the old tube. Put it to one side somewhere out of the way where it won’t be a hazard to other riders.

Check the tyre.

Check the tyre for thorns or damage. Chances are you’ll already know what you’re looking for. If you’ve hit rocks or roots hard, it’s more likely to be a ‘snake bite’, if you haven’t it’s more likely a thorn.

Fit a new tube.

Starting at the valve, fit the new tube. The tube should have a little air in it, just enough to give it shape. Note that although the tube that Steve took out had a schrader valve Steve fits a tube with a presta valve. This is because a presta valve will fit more easily and quickly into the rim hole meant for a schrader valve, saving time and effort.

Re-fit the tyre.

Starting at the valve, refit the tyre. Note that Steve has kept the valve hole nearest to him at all times. This is so he only has to find the valve once. Notice also that Steve has the tyre logo lined up neatly with the valve. This helps find the valve more quickly. Both of these things could save all important seconds in a race situation.

Work your way around the tyre.

With the tyre seated correctly around the valve work your way around the tyre refitting it. Do not use tyre levers! You could pinch the tube. If you have difficulty popping the last few inches on, work your way around from the valve again squeezing the tyre into the rim well.

Inflate the tyre.

Inflate the tyre. In this demonstration Steve uses a CO2 cartridge. Screw the connector onto the rim first, then screw the cartridge onto the connector. Try to break the seal on the cartridge so that the air comes out slowly at first. This will give you a chance to check that the tyre is seated OK. Then screw the cartridge fully home. Be careful!!! The cartridge will get very cold!

Refit the wheel.

With the tyre inflated, refit the wheel. Be careful not to shut your finger in the disc rotor – eh Steve? :)

Collect your rubbish.

Collect your rubbish, and take it away with you.

Remount cyclo-cross style

Speed is of the essence and Steve remounts cyclo-cross style.

On your way.

From stopping to riding away, the whole thing took Steve just under two minutes. With a little practice that should be easy to beat.

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