Nukeproof Dissent Carbon GX

Nukeproof Dissent Carbon comp  GX

Nukeproof Dissent Carbon GX

Downhill bikes are designed to be the ultimate tool to take on the gnarliest terrain. With 200mm of front and rear travel to enable riders to descend the roughest terrain, the steepest gradients and send the biggest jumps.

Since the Nukeproof Scalp was debuted in 2011, Nukeproof’s downhill frames have been on a constant evolutionary path. The Scalp saw success at the highest level, eventually evolving into Sam Hill’s World Cup-winning Pulse. This evolution continued through to the latest Dissent.

Using an evolved version of the Nukeproof Fallout linkage, the Dissent prototype frame won first time out with Sam Hill at the Garbanzo Downhill at Crankworx Canada in 2018. Since then, the Dissent has gone on to rack up a number of UCI World Cup podiums and national championships. It’s earned a reputation as a race-ready workhorse that’s incredibly stable and ultra-adjustable; as a bike that instils confidence in world-class pros and privateers alike.  

Nukeproof are proud to release the latest evolution - the Dissent 297 Carbon. 

The Nukeproof Dissent 290c is the next logical evolution from our ultra-successful alloy Dissent frame. Creating a carbon Dissent gave Nukeproof engineers the freedom to make several improvements, as well as incorporate some new features into the frame. Having the freedom to work in T700/ 800 carbon allows for more complex shapes, fast multiple prototype iterations to add strength, stiffness and compliance to enhance the feel of the bike. The reason to move wasn’t to reduce weight, but the overall frame weight was reduced by 430g. (a NP1 frame weighs 3.46kgs RAW).

The Dissent was built around our World Cup winning Fallout Linkage with the option to customise multiple key areas to suit your riding style. The Dissent was originally developed as a test mule to offer multiple levels of suspension progression, wheelbase options and new for ’23 multiple reach positions. It worked so well we chose to include these features to enable riders to dial in the Dissent 290c to suit different riding style and/ or terrains.

The fresh platform also allowed the development team to further optimise the suspension kinematics. A high leverage rate at the beginning of the stroke gives a more supple feel off the top, with a steeping curve in mid-stroke to give good stability and support. When you reach the mid-end of the suspension travel, there is a regressive curve to prevent spiking and limiting the travel use. The added sensitivity allows riders to enjoy a much more tuneable shock, increase spring rates without adding harshness. The Dissent 290c also works better with the latest generation of air shocks.      

The Dissent Carbon offers multiple adjustments, allowing riders to dial in their perfect set up. Be that at a World Cup track, lapping all day in the park or sending desert lines.  

  • Adjustable main pivot. 3 positions allow adjustment in suspension progression between 21%/ 25%/ 28%
  • 3 position adjustable reach headset, allowing +/-6mm from the middle setting
  • One frame, two-wheel set-ups. Rear wheel flip chip allows for 290 or 297 MX
  • Adjustable Chainstay Flip Chips, 3 positions allowing for adjustment of wheelbase




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