Concussion info


To provide a safe racing environment and ensure the health and well being of all our riders we use a concussion policy during our events. This means that any rider reporting a blow to the head, is witnessed receiving a blow to the head or meets our criteria must be assessed by a Medic (HCP) using a specific concussion assessment tool before continuing to ride. This tool is designed to highlight any symptoms associated with concussion that could impair the riders ability to ride safely or prolong recovery or alleviate the risk of long term side effects. 

The tool will bring consistency and a non bias approach to the way riders are assessed. The assessment will be carried out by a registered medical professional, either Paramedic, Nurse or Doctor in our medical centre on site. A positive result from the assessment may indicate that the rider be withdrawn from racing and referred to the appropriate health service if required (A&E or GP) If the rider wishes to return to ride they must be passed medically fit by a doctor.

Current evidence shows that concussion can seriously impair a competitors ability to perform and without appropriate rest from activity can cause long term symptoms and there are links between concussion and early onset neurodegenitive diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.