Bike Fitting

Cleat Positioning

Cost £30 / Duration: 1 hour - included with shoe and pedal purchases over £150 and bike purchases over £1000


The foot-pedal connection is such an important contact point to consider when most cycling pain and discomfort can be attributed to poor cleat positions.  This session will consider three important factors to ensure your cleats are in the most optimal position to maximise force transfer, improve comfort and reduce the risk of injury.

  • Cleat fore-aft position
  • Cleat medial-lateral position
  • Cleat rotation


What to bring: we recommend bringing your bike and current shoes with cleats and pedals if using some form of clipped pedal such as Shimano SPD / SPD SL, Look, Time or Speedplay.  If you're looking to purchase shoes and pedals we can advise on your most suitable option.

Bike Fit

Cost £110 / Duration: approx 3 hours - included with all new bike purchases over £2000 (excluding discounted bikes)


The bike fit session follows on from a cleat positioning session and will examine all five contact positions on your bike – right & left foot, the pelvis and right & left hands to ensure you can cycle efficiently and in comfort.  If you are in the market for a new bike we can guide you, answer any questions and advise on the correct frame size before performing the detailed fitting.

Using motion capture software we can analyse and discuss your current riding position. Then, where appropriate we can offer suggestions and make changes to improve the position of these contact points.

  • Foot pedal connection - cleat fore/aft, medial/lateral, rotation and considers any diagnosed leg length discrepancy
  • Pelvis & saddle - saddle type, saddle tilt, height and fore/aft position on rails
  • Hands - shifter position, handlebar width, handlebar reach, rotation and height.


What to bring: Your bike, pedals and shoes if performing the fit on your existing equipment.  This is a predominantly on-bike assessment so wear your normal cycling clothing, ideally a short sleeve top and cycling shorts.   


For further information about our bike fitting service and to book an appointment call us or email