Event Info / Rules & Regulations

Downhill Races:

The Pearce Cycles Downhill Series is a British Cycling Regional A Ranking Series.  It sits one level below the HSBC UK National Downhill Series so is a good introduction to racing.  You don't need a British Cycling Licence to race our series, but we'd recommend you look at the benefits of British Cycling membership which can include personal accident insurance.


We recommend you check the list of confirmed riders for each event.  Make sure your name is listed and that all your details are correct - you are able to amend licence and sponsor details yourself by logging into your account.  


Before you start riding you must sign-on in the registration marquee - this shows us that you've arrived to race and ensures that you're covered by our insurance. 

This season will continue the Trail bike sub category within each main category. To be eligible for this you need any form of single crown forked bike and when you sign on on the day of the event tick the box to include yourself in the category. There will then be a medal for the fastest trail bike in each category on the day.

All riders U18 years MUST have a parent or responsible adult with them when registering on the day. The parent/responsible adult will be required to sign the declaration on the sign-on sheets in order for the U18 rider to collect their number board and race.

You will collect a new number board when you sign-on at your first event of the year.  You keep the same number board for subsequent rounds.  If you lose or forget your number board a replacement will cost £5.  You must have a number fitted to your bike at all times - during racing it's used by the timing team as identification so please start with it clean.  Do not cut down or alter your number board in any way.



We don't have any requirements for protective items or clothing in addition to those from British Cycling  (see conditions below)


A suitable full-face helmet in good condition

Highly recommended

Back, elbow, knee & shoulder protection
Thigh padding
Shin padding
Long pants
Long sleeve shirt
Long finger gloves




2.00pm >

Camping/arena open for set-up 

 Course open for foot inspection


 8.00am - 5.00pm

 Registration open

 9.30am - 4.30pm

 Course open for practice*


 8.00am - 9.00am

 Registration open

 8.30am - 10.30am

 Course open for practice*

 11.00am >

 Two timed runs

 5.30pm approx.

 Prize presentation

* You must complete at least two full practice runs during the Saturday or Sunday morning practice session to be allowed to race. 

During timed runs there will be 30 second gaps between each rider and 2 minute gaps between each category. Allow plenty of time to get to the start, you will be penalised if arriving late!

Individual 1st run start times will be posted on the notice board in the registration marquee on Sunday morning. After the 1st run, if there is time there will be a break, otherwise 2nd runs will follow immediately. 2nd run start times are re-seeded from 1st run results and will be posted on the notice board.

A two timed run format will be used with the fastest run time from either run counting towards the race result. All results are posted on the notice board in the registration marquee.


Medals and cash prizes will be awarded for individual rounds down to 3rd position in each category.

Trail bike sub categories will be awarded a medal for 1st in each category and a prize for the series result. 

Series points will be awarded at each round down to 50th place in category.
Points from SEVEN out of a possible TEN runs will count towards final series positions.  In the event of a tie, the final series positions will be decided by the 2nd run result at the final round.

Trophies, product and cash prizes are awarded for series winners to 5th position where applicable on a pro-rata basis of one prize per five qualifying competitors, unless the race organiser decide otherwise.

National Ranking Points are also available to British Cycling licence holders down to 30th place in each category.


To provide a safe racing environment and ensure the health and well being of all our riders we have a concussion policy in place. This means that any rider reporting a blow to the head, is witnessed receiving a blow to the head or meets our criteria must be assessed by a Medic using a specific concussion assessment tool before continuing to ride. This tool is designed to highlight any symptoms associated with concussion that could impair the riders ability to ride safely or prolong recovery or alleviate the risk of long term side effects. 

The tool will bring consistency and a non bias approach to the way riders are assessed. The assessment will be carried out by a registered medical professional, either Paramedic, Nurse or Doctor in our medical centre on site. A positive result from the assessment may indicate that the rider be withdrawn from racing and referred to the appropriate health service if required (A&E or GP) If the rider wishes to return to ride they must be passed medically fit by a doctor.

Current evidence shows that concussion can seriously impair a competitors ability to perform and without appropriate rest from activity can cause long term side effects that can persist for weeks or months. 


Racing is run to British Cycling regulations which can be found here

With 300+ riders at each race the course can become congested at times.  To minimise delays and for your safety it's important that you:

* Comply with any instructions given to you by a race marshal.

* Do not stop and block the course.

* If you need to stop for any reason move off the course and outside the tapes so as not to impede other riders.

* If caught by a faster rider please try and give way at the earliest opportunity.


Riders are able to use cameras during practice only.  The camera must be bike mounted - helmet and chest cameras are not permitted.  No cameras during timed runs.


Camping is available on-site at each venue from Friday afternoon.
Hot and cold refreshments will be available from Saturday 9.00am.
There will only be water provided for washing.  We recommend you bring enough drinking water with you.  The caterers will sell bottled water.
Basic chemical toilets are available.

FREE pressure washer use throughout the weekend.
Dogs strictly on leads at all times.


For Bringewood / Hopton & Bucknell
Ludlow Tourist Information Centre: 01584 875053



Minimum age of rider 13 years old. Anyone wishing to take part below this age must gain consent from the event organisers before booking on the event.

Under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

An uplift is a relaxed day with no fixed timetable, it allows you to ride as much or as little as you want, and at your own pace.

We provide you with a lift to the top of the hill, you can choose which trail to ride down.

On arrival at site please drive carefully and follow direction signs to park appropriately. Vehicles that are brought on site are there at your own risk.  

Before using the uplift you must sign in. You will receive a tag to attach to your bike to show you are part of the event. No bike will be allowed on a trailer without a tag. (U16s must have their responsible adult sign for them).

Helmets are compulsory.  If you are riding downhill tracks at black grade we strongly recommend you wear a full face helmet, body armour and knee protection.

Taking part in an uplift day is physically demanding so a reasonable level of fitness is required and you should be free of injuries.

There are no facilities on site.  We suggest you bring with you plenty of fluids and food to keep you sustained through the day.

The events take part in all weathers, so suitable waterproof and warm clothing is recommended.

We provide a level of first aid on site at all times so notify an uplift driver if someone requires assistance.

It is your personal responsibility to ride safely and ensure your bike is mechanically safe to ride.

It is your responsibility to make sure your bike is safely loaded onto the uplift trailer. We will help you load, but you remain responsible.

Pearce Cycles reserves the right to refuse entry to any event that we organise.

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