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When booking an event

You need to have registered with the site. Please provide the rider's details using the form below, you will then be able to login to the site and enter events when they are open for booking. If you have already registered with the site you can login using the link below.


Important Notes:

Each rider needs their own account with a unique email address.


If you are unable to login to your account, please use the password reset function.  If you still can't access your account then contact us for assistance  Avoid creating a new account using a different email address.


Parents & U12's:

If registering on their behalf, you will need to create an account for each son/daughter who wishes to take part in the event(s).  Enter the son/daughter's personal details when creating the account rather than your own.


If you wish to register a rider who is under 12 years old - please call us.


Log in

If you already have an account, you can log in here. If you have lost your password, you can reset it here.