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Pearce Cycles have the capability to provide our own medical and first aid cover at our events. This became possible by utilising our own in house paramedic.

Matt has been involved in organising mountain bike events, assisting with first aid and competing in events himself. Alongside this for the last 18 years he has had a successful career within the NHS working his way up to Paramedic and Emergency Care Practitioner grade . 

For our events we have a team of medical staff on site led by Matt and supported by other suitably trained personnel. This includes Paramedics, Nurse Practitioners, Emergency Medical Technicians, Fire and Rescue staff and First Aiders.

The facilities that we will provide are a medical centre in the race arena, a 4x4 rescue vehicle and a rapid response motorbike paramedic.

The medical centre is setup to:
• Provide first aid to walking wounded that present at the centre.
• Assess, treat and discharge patients.
• Clean and close wounds where appropriate.
• Receive and monitor stretchered patients from the course whilst waiting for an ambulance.
• Be a response point for nearby incidents.

The 4x4 rescue vehicle is setup to:
• Extricate injured cyclists off the course and transport them to the medical centre.
• Provide advanced life support including airway management haemorrhage control and drug therapies when required.
• Immobilise patients with suspected spinal injuries.
• Splint fractures
• Provide pain relief

With this setup in place we are able to provide a high level of care to our racers. With our own medical team we work closely with marshals and officials and reduce incident times where possible. We also train with marshals so that they are able to assist the medics more effectively as well.

Pearce Medics operates primarily to provide first aid and medical cover to mountain bike events organised by Pearce Cycles but is proud to support other local events that need our specialist service.

These include:

The Batch Burner Cycle event

Bishops Castle Tandem triathlon

Ludlow Running club summer series event.

Dyfi Bike Park medical provision.