2024 Orange Patriot MX LE

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2024 Orange Patriot MX LE


The Patriot is a legendary name, that goes a long way back in the Orange Bike history books. Used by the now legendary Team Animal at the turn of the millennium, the Patriot is arguably one of the DH World Cup's OG iconic bikes. Versatile, hard-hitting and incredibly capable, it was the bike of choice for many gravity riders, either racing DH or just finding the best Alpine technical trails in a sport that was rapidly finding its way. All those attributes apply to the brand new E.P.O. (Electric Powered Orange) model from Orange - it became obvious that this has to be the new Patriot.

The frame is built around the Strange powerlink driven shock system that we use to great effect on the Stage 7 and Switch 7 frames. The performance of this system is perfectly suited to powerful e-bike assisted drivetrains where grip is paramount.

The new Patriot also features another first for us. This is the first E.P.O. model to feature a Bosch drive unit – The Performance Line CX. One of the most advanced power units out there and we’re really excited about the features it brings and how well it complements the Orange ride philosophy.



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