Pearce Cycles are now sponsoring Andali Events including the Ludlow 10K and Storm the castle

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Andali Fitness

We are proud to announce that we will be supporting Andy, Harriet and all the team at Andali Events.

We have offered discount to Andy and all his members for some time now. What they do for the local community is fantastic and we are great fans of what they do. 

It was sad news that the Ludlow 10K and Storm the Castle events were to stop in 2022. When we heard that Andy would be taking over these events and adding more to the roster, we were delighted. It was a no-brainer to offer them sponsorship and help where we can. 

Not sure, we will be entering any of the events ourselves though!!

Entries are now open for the Ludlow 10K. Enter the 10K here:

Good luck Andy, Harriet and everyone else involved.